Video CMS 2.1 released

We have good news and great news. The good news is that a brand new version of Video CMS has just been released. In this version many bugs have been fixed, performance issues solved, new features added; the script is now faster than ever before.

Here is a brief look at the new features:

  • Multi-server support. You can now connect to as many servers as you like and the script will distribute video files among them by the priorities you set.
  • FTP uploader to choose besides the standard and Flash uploader. This uploader uses FTP to transfer files to the server as opposed to HTTP, that means no more broken uploads that used to occur with huge files.
  • Mass video uploader. If you're uploading videos to your website yourself and you have tons of videos, you can now upload them with a breeze -- no more uploading videos one by one!
  • Embed videos from other sites. Short on bandwidth? You no longer have to host the video files, embed them from sites like YouTube.
  • New smart cache system improves the performance ten fold.
  • And a lot more...
To see more, download a demo version or purchase Video CMS, visit the product page.

Now to the great news. We're developing Video CMS 3.0 from the very core to make it a lot more flexible and powerful than it is now. Until the release of this version, Video CMS is sold with a discount of $100. Yes, that's right, you can get Video CMS for only $129! This is a limited offer so hurry up!

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket or use the contact form on the product page.