Video CMS 2.0 released

We are proud to announce you that the new version 2.0 of Video CMS has been released. The new version brings a lot of crucial performance improvements as well as front-end improvements and bug fixes.

The new version is improved a lot and now has almost twice as many features. As a result, the old price of $199 will only be available till the 1st of November. The new price of Video CMS 2.0 will be $229. There's still time while you can purchase the new version for the old price, hurry to buy it!

A brief review of the new features is as follows:

  • Customizable member profiles
  • Friends
  • Private videos
  • Personal messages
  • Groups
  • Discussions
  • Video logs
  • Improved Flash Video Player playback quality
  • Many performance improvements
  • Many bug fixes
  • And a lot more...
To see more, download a demo version or purchase Video CMS, visit the product page.

We'd also like to announce that due to The PHP Group's decision to discontinue the support of PHP 4 after the 31th of December, 2007, we will no longer support PHP 4 in future versions either. If you're still running PHP 4 on your server, consider upgrading to PHP 5.

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket or use the contact form on the product page.