Video CMS Update

Although just a minor version and doesn't bring any new features, Video CMS 3.0.1 has some important bug fixes and even more important performance improvements.

We've made it easy to update your version 3.0 by applying a simple patch. You can download the patch here:

The patch contains only the changed files that you can update by simply uploading them. However, if you made any code customization, you should browse these files and see if you don't need to update them.

On another note, we have a message from our friends:

You may have already heard of Video Swiper. Video Swiper is a service for webmasters that brings thousands of videos to add to your website, it supports most of the video scripts, including our own Video CMS. It is in pre-launch state and to be released in late June, but you may already reserve your membership. Go check it out, it's